The Future Clinic for Critical Care (FCCC) is disability led and disability allied project exploring the messy politics of care through performance, social practice and a socio cultural animation. We create diverse formats for diverse publics from brunches in community centers, to workshops, to large-scale three-day symposia, to politically charged kick ass parties. We use fiction, feminist strategies of world making, subvertizing, and activist trickster tactics to dream otherwise about more inclusive/ less violent futures. We negotiate our different backgrounds and abilities with sensitivity, awareness and a fierce sense of humor inviting local and international activists, social workers, care providers and people receiving care to present personal stories, interventions of theater, dance, social political/theoretical lectures that everyone can understand, drag shows that are highly theoretical, participatory encounters and performative installations. This practice and site of FCCC is also very much about making things together, eating together and most importantly the Future Clinic often evolves into a kick ass accessible dance party that celebrates queerness through miss fitting together.