The Battlefield Nurses

The Battlefield Nurse is a 5000-year-old hooker, healer and midwife for the dying (and the living-dead). She knows that proper care, critical care, can get us out of the mess we are in. She is weary of the ‘personal’,moralising, symptom-focused and productivity enhancing approaches to care that she sees as Band-Aids or superficial coping mechanisms for the violent present. Instead, she prefers to directly address the systems and structures that are making us sick – including our old friend capitalism and the endless monetisation of all human relations. The concept of the battlefield nurse was created by Jeremy Wade in 2016 as a concept that can be taken on and adapted by everyone who participates in a clinic. We are all battlefield nurses.


Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade is a performer, performance maker, curator and teacher. His recent works “Together Forever”, “Death Asshole Rave Video” and “DrawnOnward” explore queer theory, failure, the death of man, zombie subjectivity, strange modes of being and affective alliances to undermine the social codes that define and oppress our bodies. In 2017 he curated “Take Care,” a symposium in the frame of the No Limits-Festival Berlin on the relational ethics that disability culture demands and will direct a three-part performance project addressing care as a political strategy comprised of: “The Battlefield Nurse” (a drag lecture performance that investigates the work of fellow nurses on the battlefield), the “Future Clinic for Critical Care” (a world-making forum dedicated to art, activism and social work), and “Between Sirens”, a new trio processing supportive propaganda for toughened times.


Nina Mühlemann Pritchard

Nina Mühlemann is a researcher, writer and activist based in Zurich. She is co-organiser and co-curator of the Future Clinic for Critical Care as well as of the IntegrART Symposium, a project by Migros Culture Percentage. In 2017, she completed her PhD at the English Department of King’s College London with the thesis ‘Beyond the Superhuman – Disabled Artists Working in the Context of London 2012’, which examined works by disabled artists and the context these works are produced in, namely austerity London 2012 and its aftermath. Her research lies at the intersection of disability studies and performance studies.


Ivy Monteiro

Tropikahl Pussy aka Ivy Monteiro is a multidiciplinary artist and performer. Tropikahl has a BA in Fine Arts and Performance from the Zürcher Hochschule der Kunste in Zurich and since then they have been performing, producing, giving workshops and taking artistic residencies not just in Switzerland but all over the world. Tropikahl's practice and research in art and performance is deeply connected with ancestry and matriarchal bonding inside the LGBTQ community, educating and mediating past and contemporary queer culture to new generations. 

Eddie Ramirez

Eddie Ramirez is a Stand-Up Comedian and Poet living in Zurich. He is Dominican, queer and phisically disabled. His first time on stage was in the summer of 2015 and he has been performing all over the German-speaking part of Switzerland ever since. Using his wits and charm, he talks about his daily life as a wheelchair-user and a queer afro-latinx person living in Switzerland. He was nominated for the Swiss Comedy Newcomer Award in 2017 and was also part of the Swiss Comedy Talent Stage the following year.