What happened to care? Who cares!?! “The Future Clinic for Critical Care” aka FCCC is a fictional DIY world making forum to explore the subject matter of care. FCCC will evolve as a series over the next year at “the Aquarium,” Kottbusser Tor. It’s a craft workshop, a coalition engine, an opportunity to catalyze, a lecture, a chance to misfit together, a system of support, a chance to fix what has been broken, a show, a reading group, a love machine, a sing along that is off key, or a good cup of tea over which we consider; “What if care were not simply a medical issue but a social political strategy for bodies in crisis?” FCCC will perform and produce a balancing act of research, art making, activism, social work and coalition building. However, in the face of institutionalizing, naturalizing, and normalizing care, which can be paradoxical, paternal and problematic, FCCC aims to address care as a socio-political necessity and artistic methodology focused on:

 a)  Ethics of care: embodied as consensual and attentive communication in the pursuit of interdependence versus authoritarian hierarchy; b) Activism: embodied as actions that seek to raise awareness of, and promote social, political, economic, and environmental changes; c) Art: to engage in a crafternoon of hacking, subvertizing, faking, world making, non-naturalizing, now ritualizing, collaborative and social practices that focus on emancipatory conceptions of the body, fierce critiques of power, and how we can live, work and move together in solidarity. 

Let’s engage in a critical version of care without the Hollywood romance. Let’s chart out some practices that can bring us into dialogue with each other and then into action. Let’s create a Future Clinic for Critical Care where the exploration of systems of support, both real and imagined, can unfold as new forms of resistance.