The Future Clinic for Critical Care presents Charity // Anti Charity

Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann

Battlefield Nurses Unite!!  for FCCC#3 ZURICH!!! 
Charity // Anti Charity A disability rights movement informed, politically charged Christmas Musical On Acid!! Christmas is coming, aaaaahhhh!!! Chrissy also happens to be the season for charities to exploit disabled folks, cashing in on campaigns sugar coated with sticky sentimental value allowing donors to support causes from a tax-deductible distance and turning disability and difference into something to be cured. In a Dragtastic Musical on Acid, FCCC is going to take the piss out of numerous local Swiss and international charities who instrumentalize poor people, migrants, drug addicts, Mariah Carey and yes, disabled people. Charitable events like Telethons obscure the reality that we are actually all different, sameness is good for fast food when you’re drunk but it’s not good for building a better, more inclusive world. Charities are side-stepping the work of coalition-building and care that it takes to eradicate discrimination and the underlying social, political, economic conditions that often create discrimination, isolation and ableism in the first place. Join us on for a political charged musical extravaganza followed by a Christmas Party FCCC style that will go to the wee hours of the morning.


Konzept Jeremy Wade Durchführung Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann Bühne Nadia Fistarol In Koproduktion mit Gessnerallee Zürich. Gefördert durch Ernst-Göhner-Stiftung
Featuring: Alessandro Peter, Balz Spengler, Dr Braincy, Eddie Ramirez, Evalyn Eatdith, Firdes Atmaca, Jovana Hits, Lulzim Plakolli, Manuel Weibel, Marouan Mounir, Mirco Eisenegger, Peaches, Roy Fischer, 
+ DJ Blck Cracker, DJane Nina Nana, DJ Oder Ned

photos by Naomi Tereza Salmon