FCCC#4 - Home


The Future Clinic for Critical Care presents HOME
Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann
There is no place like home - and yet, what makes a home? Is it where the heart is? Is it fixed with concrete or is it an ever-shifting work in progress? Unfortunately, as a concept, its often super fixed, fenced in by outdated stories, locked up inside gendered norms, nationalism and the frigid care of impermeable institutions. Is there an alternative vision of home that is more welcoming? Can we rethink home for complicated times? How is it possible to care for someone outside the familiar or the familial? What is it like to care for a complete stranger? For the fourth edition of FCCC Zurich, a sexy and diverse group of battlefield nurses invite you over to our home. Its fictional, but the delicious vegan dinner we have made and the issues bring to the table are real. We are serving some hot politically charged queer, crip and nomadic forms of home-making that will make your heels and wheels click. Together we shatter the perceived hierarchies of hospitality and care, which often put disabled and non-majority folks at the least favorable seat at the table. Not in this house honey. Join us and bring your appetite for critical care in the future!
Konzept Jeremy Wade Durchführung Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann

Bühne Nadia Fistarol
In Koproduktion mit Gessnerallee Zürich. Gefördert durch Ernst-Göhner-Stiftung
Featuring: Jeremy Wade, Nina Mühlemann, Edwin Ramirez, Rosana Cade, RR Marki (Roma Jam Session Art Kollektiv), Claudine Wyss and The Architectural Care Group (ETH Zurich).
Gefördert durch Ernst-Göhner-Stiftung


photos by Naomi Tereza Salmon