The Future Clinic for Critical Care presents MOTHER/MUTTER
Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann
The mother is the archetype of the ultimate care giver, but who cares for the mother? Mothering is often romanticized, made holy untouchable and then vilified when people fall short of the endless normative expectations written in stone. Who doesn’t have a complicated relationship with Mom or being a Mom? Here at the Future Clinic we think the world needs fierce mother protectors more than ever. We think that mothering should not be tied to gender, sexuality or normative abilities - it's time, as writer Maggie Nelson suggests, to embrace “the many gendered mothers of our hearts”. Could matriarchal forms of governance challenge and change the patriarchal play of politics as usual? Can feminist sci-fi and afro futuristic narratives about mothering point towards new hybrids of critical care? We want to expand the definition of mothering and celebrate queer mothers, disabled mothers, welfare mothers, sci-fi mothers, mothers of dragons and figurative mothers. In its fifth edition, FCCC Zurich took place on a Saturday afternoon, making sure that its accessible to biological and chosen families with kids or without. Featuring drag entertainment for all ages, a play corner for little ones, as well as a satire talk show format that used black humour to explore Mommy’s darker sides and the outdated morals that surround her.

Konzept Jeremy Wade Durchführung Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann

Bühne Nadia Fistarol
In Koproduktion mit Gessnerallee Zürich. Gefördert durch Ernst-Göhner-Stiftung
Featuring: Jeremy Wade, Nina Mühlemann, Edwin Ramirez, avanti donne, Dachverband Regenbogenfamilie, Evalyn Eathdith, Johanna Hedva and others.


Photos by Naomi Tereza Salmon