29th of July - 2nd of August 2019 

In FCCC Part 1 we will focus on an array of inclusive/accessible dance practices initiated by disabled dance pioneers and queers who give a shit about the violence of norms in the dance world. Here, Tanja Erhart and Jeremy Wade will begin with generating grounded consent and awareness of the different bodyminds that are present in the space. Negotiating everyone’s needs, disabled and nondisabled and those in between, requires an environment of care and patience. Participants are then invited to create their own warm-up ritual. Some of us might be preparing or cleaning crutches, wheelchairs or any kind of assistive tools while others are invited to find a tool or augmentation of their body to prepare, either way, the warm-up ritual is on your own terms and conditions. Giving time and space to our tools, boundaries and permissions can help us to come together better in the many group dances we will eventually propose. Jeremy and Tanja will be co-leading this session, taking turns to propose a diverse range of exercises and ways of negotiating together. We will use juicy fantastic visualisations and music that will mmmmmove us. We will work to build new myths that support inclusive accessible futures.

ImPulsTanz, Vienna
29th of July - 2nd of August 2019 

The Future Clinic for Critical Care is a socio-cultural animated practice exploring the messy politics of care. We, a group of disabled and nondisabled artists and activists, use fiction, feminist strategies of world making, subvertising, and activist trickster tactics to dream otherwise about more inclusive and less violent futures. Part 2 of this FCCC Workshop will focus on an easy to understand mix of Crip Theory, Queer Theory, intersectional approaches to theory and Neo Liberal Critique. We do this to find commonalities between these life saving strategies in order to promote our inclusive revolution. Here, Battlefield Nurses Nina, Tanja and Jeremy present a poly clinic of diverse activities from short lecture presentations and discussions grounded in lived experience to intimate work in small groups asking diverse participants what critical care means to them. Eventually these Nurses will be guiding future political rituals, impossible parliamentary procedures and forms of protest with simple props and graphics. Nothing says inclusive future togetherness like FCCC’s patented and user approved "Circle Dance of Systemic Support", by all means try "Solidarity Cream" and of course never miss the ever-popular "Spit Ritual". Join us for a queer and crip extravaganza at ImPulsTanz while we unpack the violence of virtuosity in Dance and Performance.

ImPulsTanz, Vienna
4th of August 2019 

FCCCing Impulstanz is an afternoon of conversations and performances, co-hosted by Tanja Erhart, Nina Mühlemann and Jeremy Wade. We use disability studies, queer theory, feminist strategies and pop culture in order to critique cultural institutions and institutions “for” disabled people. What kind of norms, structures and ideals have governed and continue to govern institutions of the past and present?How can these institutions transform into spaces where care is lived differently? What would a future institution for critical care look like?

 The Future Clinic for Critical Care (FCCC) is a world making forum and diverse social space for fantasy and realism that works with the often messy politics of care. A space for building consent, dancing together, studying together, getting intimate together, making work with numerous materials, documenting and mediating what we do and it all ends in this day-long mini symposium and party with performance.

With Local and International contributions by Michael Turinsky,
Vera Rosner, Sonja Browne, Christian Polster, Eva Egermann 
Elisabeth Magdalena, Elisabeth Löffler, Conny Scheuer.
and DJ's 
Milena Georgieva  and Harald Stojan 

ImPulsTanz, Vienna




Verein FCCC, c/o Sarah Schoch
Gessnerallee , 88001 Zürich, Schweiz